Calcium 1000 MG W/ Vitamin D


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120 Tablets 1000 MG & 500 Iu Vegetarian NON-GMO Formula

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Supports Bone Health**

Many factors contribute to the development of osteoporosis including sex, race, age, and hormonal status. Caucasian women of northern European ancestry and Asian women in their bone forming years (teens and young adults), have a higher risk of developing osteoporosis. American women of African heritage have the lowest incidence of osteoporotic fracture. It’s important to remember that everyone loses bone mass with age. Regular exercise, a healthy diet and adequate Calcium intake helps maintain good bone health and may reduce the high risk of osteoporosis later in life, especially for teens and young adult Caucasian and Asian women. A total dietary intake above 2,000 mg has no further known benefit to bone health.


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